Ed Shure

Ed ShureEd Shure has nearly always known that he would follow a career that allowed him to make practical, beautiful things. To that end he studied fine art and mechanical engineering, and completed a machinist certification program. Until a working visit to Scandinavia in the early 1980′s revealed to him his true calling, Ed worked variously as an apprentice toolmaker in Kawasaki, Japan, mold maker in Hong Kong and Harley Davidson mechanic.

Since founding Timmerhus in 1984, Ed has completed over 130 structures, many of his own design. He is a past president of the International Log Builders Association, was editorial advisor for Log Home Guide Magazine and has taught, lectured and demonstrated his innovative techniques in timber and log construction for the Timber Framers Guild of North America. He encourages clients to build site specific, ecologically sound structures using renewable wood sources and reclaimed salvage materials whenever possible.

Sophia Rickard

Ms. Rickard sees a need for community based architecture filled with Love, spirit, rich craft, place for deep contemplation, beauty and delight. Thoughtful, elegant, timeless, environmental AND thoroughly modern, she aims to weave together the big picture, the soul picture and the micro details into a cohesive whole that sits lightly on the land.






retreat right in your own backyard

huts-diagramSimple and spare, huts distill the craft of carpentry down to its essentials. For us, they offer an opportunity to do our purest work. For the owner, our huts provide affordable retreats for practice, work, or play.

We draw inspiration for our designs from a centuries old Japanese layout and proportioning system (Kiwari) whose modular nature contributes to efficient design and construction.

Kiwari is unique in the way that it ties beauty directly to an aesthetic based on human-scale proportions, making it a perfect set of guiding principles for integrating proportion and harmony with modern notions of comfort and utility.

The beauty that is revealed when an object is pared to its essential functions is referred to as Kino-bi. In keeping with this principle, our basic hut is both beautiful and functional. And, we are more than happy to personalize your hut, making it perfect for you.

We are excited about these lovely huts, and thrilled to be able to offer our original designs in a simple, affordable package that stays true to our core beliefs.

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