Huts – A Retreat in Your Own Backyard

huts-diagramSimple and spare, huts distill the craft of carpentry down to its essentials. For us, they offer an opportunity to do our purest work. For the owner, our huts provide affordable retreats for practice, work, or play.

We draw inspiration for our designs from a centuries old Japanese layout and proportioning system (Kiwari) whose modular nature contributes to efficient design and construction.

Kiwari is unique in the way that it ties beauty directly to an aesthetic based on human-scale proportions, making it a perfect set of guiding principles for integrating proportion and harmony with modern notions of comfort and utility.

The beauty that is revealed when an object is pared to its essential functions is referred to as Kino-bi. In keeping with this principle, our basic hut is both beautiful and functional. And, we are more than happy to personalize your hut, making it perfect for you.

We are excited about these lovely huts, and thrilled to be able to offer our original designs in a simple, affordable package that stays true to our core beliefs.

The Design Process

The process starts with a conversation about what you want and what is important to you. You can fill out our online questionnaire and we will give you a budget range for your hut which can be used as the basis for entering into a building agreement. We work with you to develop a floor plan, making use of your input about views (photos are a big help), access, windows and doors.

When we think we have it, we’ll send you a foldable paper model to help you see exactly what you are getting (see an example). With completion of design, you can pick finish options and we’ll come to a final price and delivery schedule.

Hut Construction

Our buildings meld traditional timber structural systems with modern fiber-cement faced foam panels that are fire resistant and provide excellent insulation & soundproofing. All of our timber comes from environmentally responsible, forest floor salvage and recycled sources.

The entire structure is pre-cut at our shop, packaged to ensure safe delivery and shipped directly to your site. Some smaller buildings can be pre-assembled at our shop, and set directly in place. For the rest, choose from several options for assembly:

  1. We can assemble your structure on site.
  2. Build it yourself. It’s a serious undertaking, but instructions are clear, and all pieces are pre-cut and well marked.
  3. Hire a local builder.
  4. We can come to your place and assist you – or a local labor crew – to get the job done.


We can use or adapt one of our existing plans, or start fresh – working with you to develop a floor plan and to place windows and doors.

Interior spaces are incrementally sized in 3ft X 6ft. (tatami mat size) modules. Here are a few common sizes:

3_mat3 mat (54 ft2)

The most basic, offers sitting space for one or two and a desk.
Download Floorplan

4.5_mat4.5 mat (80 ft2)

Classic tea-house dimensions, space accommodates a home office, yoga for one, or sitting practice for several.
Download Floorplan

6_mat7 mat (126 ft2)

Room for a desk, bookshelves, and abundant space for yoga or sitting. A fold-up bed is also a possibility.
Download Floorplan


The top quality materials that go into one of our standard huts include:

Standard Specifications

design customized floor plan & wall detailing
timberframe hand cut douglas fir roof system
walls 4-1/2″ thick with foam insulation
exterior finish cement board with acrylic stucco
interior finish acrylic stucco
ceiling pine boards
roofing corrugated steel
door solid wood with hardware
windows insulated glass, one operable
electric rough-in for an outlet, switch & light
floor framing insulated and plywood sheathed
trim pre-cut & sanded douglas fir, others available
finish one coat of oil finish on all woodwork


heater gas or electric
gutter & downspout with chain downspout
finish floor tatami mats, pre-finished bamboo or hardwood
windows additional operable units, low-e glass
desk top solid wood slab with wall cleats
interior finish maple ply, solid wood paneling, hemp cloth
foundation diamond pier caissons

And custom work…

…shoji screens, shrines, soaking tubs, bookcases, beds, lighting, furniture, etc.

Long time Timmerhus craftsman Tak Kida is available for both traditional work -like shoji screens- and for original cabinets, built-ins and furniture pieces.


To see how these finely crafted shelters fit into your life, and to explore the wide range of design and finish options, just give us a call at 303-449-1336 or fill out our online questionnaire.