Moose Mountain

Site: Nederland, Colorado. Elevation 8,980 ft.

The Project: 1,500-square-foot energy-efficient log cabin retreat for busy East Coast couple (and their two young sons) who were interested in building with “the smallest carbon-footprint possible,” With careful log joinery, a ground source heat pump and electric load handled by PV panels, the building’s total utilities have been averaging $38 per month.

Materials/Methods: Rustic hand-peeled logs of fire-killed Montana Spruce are juxtaposed with smooth sanded Douglas Fir timbers, and our own hand-made doors and windows.

Services Provided: Design and construction.

retreat right in your own backyard

huts-diagramSimple and spare, huts distill the craft of carpentry down to its essentials. For us, they offer an opportunity to do our purest work. For the owner, our huts provide affordable retreats for practice, work, or play.

We draw inspiration for our designs from a centuries old Japanese layout and proportioning system (Kiwari) whose modular nature contributes to efficient design and construction.

Kiwari is unique in the way that it ties beauty directly to an aesthetic based on human-scale proportions, making it a perfect set of guiding principles for integrating proportion and harmony with modern notions of comfort and utility.

The beauty that is revealed when an object is pared to its essential functions is referred to as Kino-bi. In keeping with this principle, our basic hut is both beautiful and functional. And, we are more than happy to personalize your hut, making it perfect for you.

We are excited about these lovely huts, and thrilled to be able to offer our original designs in a simple, affordable package that stays true to our core beliefs.

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